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“I guess I have come out of the closet,” was Rick’s comment upon being asked what prompted him to record a rock album after so many years of involvement in Country/Southern Gospel and worship music.

Rick has always been, and will always be, a rocker. Having been an aficionado all of his life and having been involved in rock bands and projects off and on over the years, Rick has been influenced by such great rock vocalists as Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Brian Johnson of AC-DC and Robin Trower’s singer, James Dewar. He also appreciates the stylings of Audioslave’s Chris Cornell, Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge and King’s X front man Doug Pinnick.

Rick’s Buried Alive, co-written and produced by the multi-talented Gary Kenedy, is a collection of songs penned by Gary and/or the pair during their association of over 15 years. It successfully combines AC-DC (on Going Through It) with a U2 sound (Better Country), incorporating the compulsory rock anthem (Water Grave) and the haunting rock/worship ballad, O Lord. Also, you will hear fairly heavy rock-and-blues influences throughout the project.

More than anything else, Rick has been influenced by his Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, to move forward with what is on his heart- to minister God’s love and grace to the world and fulfill the Great Commission. It is an overpowering compulsion upon Rick to go into the highways and byways and compel people to come into the Kingdom of God. Your prayers, encouragement and support are what will make the difference, as God uses Rick to proclaim the Message of the Kingdom to those lost and dying and those in need of a refreshing.



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